Primary GIS

Switchgear distributes energy

Incomer(s), multiple outgoing feeders in a compact solution

Switchgear protects against failures

Circuit breakers or fuses automatically limit faults – No access to MV parts of switchgear

Switchgear ensures safety for maintenance

Manually switch off/earth for maintenance or repair. Stay independent from ambient conditions

Switchgear measures

Measure voltages, currents and power consumption. Digital solution are more efficient and lower operational cost

Flexible combination, reliability, availability and economy are the attributes that make it easy for our clients in industry and utilities to decide in favor of primary gas insulated switchgear products from the ZX series. Together with complete conventional solutions, the use of digital protection and control technology, sensor systems and plug-in connections make ZX systems fit for the future.

Our enhanced, next-generation switchgear PrimeGear ZX0

Portfolio overview

PrimeGear ZX0

  • With SF₆ or SF₆ -free
  • Up to 1250 A, 25 kA, 24 kV


  • With SF₆ only
  • Up to 2500 A, 31.5 kA, 36 kV

ZX2 and ZX2 AirPlus

  • With SF₆ or SF₆-free
  • Up to 3150 A, 40 kA, 42 kV

ZX Digital

  • With SF₆ or SF₆-free
  • Up to 40.5 kV, 3150 A, 40 kA
  • state-of-the art sensor technology for current and voltage measurement
  • advanced communication technology according to IEC 61850
  • condition monitoring and diagnostics

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