Digital offering in GIS

GIS Digital - The smarter GIS from ABB

At ABB, we believe in a world in which nature and technology go hand in hand. A world in which powering your operations also means powering positive change – for your business and our planet. We strive to create products and solutions that make a difference.

Be digital, smart and sustainable.

That’s the thinking behind our philosophy for medium-voltage, Gas Insulated-Switchgear (GIS): GIS Digital.


ZX Digital

Simplicity meets flexibility – for peace of mind


Safe Digital

Compact, simple, flexible

Two pillars

ABB’s Digital solutions make our switchgear smarter, safer and more efficient

Smart Automation & Control

Use of sensor technology, smart automated solutions and latest technologies for safe and efficient operation & increased availability of power supply.

  • IEC 61850 / GOOSE digital communication
  • MV current & voltage sensors
  • Smart control solution in LV

Monitoring & Diagnostics

For peace-of-mind: Be sure that switchgear is in good condition for highest reliability. For a lower total cost of ownership: Do maintenance when and where really needed.

  • Condition monitoring
  • Asset health monitoring
  • Local & remote solution

More safety

Use of digital bus and sensors reduces probability of failures

More flexibility

Reconfiguring rather than replacing

Reduced wiring due to Ethernet communication

More Efficiency, Sustainability

Lower electrical losses (MV, NeoGear)

Easy data access, local or remote

Less failures and outages

Early detection of failures through condition monitoring and predictive maintenance

More safety

Continuous condition information, warning and prediction

Reduced number of maintenance interactions in switchgear

10% – 20% reduced footprint

For MV enabled through current and voltage sensors

For LV by switchgear design (NeoGear, MNS fixed, compact)

Less planning efforts

For MV sensors, no early CT clarification needed, faster engineering and installation

For LV common engineering tool for entire digital solution

Optimized weight

For MV up to 15% weight reduction with sensors

Lower operational cost

Understanding utilization and condition in switchgear and substation

Condition-based and predictive maintenance, less preventive activities

Reduced total ownership cost (TOC) by 30%

Smart Distribution

ABB AbilityTM

Asset Manager

Energy Manager

Leaflet IEC

Leaflet ZX

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