The Challenge

With buildings consuming more than 30% of the world’s energy and contributing almost 40% of global carbon emissions, ABB supports the vital need for investment in building decarbonization to achieve global climate change goals and its own Sustainability 2030 targets. While climate protection and sustainable energy are high on the agenda of businesses, many in industry are still trying to determine the best action to take. Achieving carbon neutrality across its own operations was one clear goal for ABB. The Lüdenscheid factory in Germany - a typical energy-intensive industrial multi-purpose site – was chosen as the testbed and first step on this journey. In May 2019, ABB launched Mission to Zero, a global program to drive carbon neutrality and energy efficiencies across the company’s operations.

The Objectives With its Mission to Zero program, ABB aims to turn ambition into action with the following objectives:

  • achieve carbon neutrality across its own company operations
  • a proof-of-concept zero-emission factory that acts as a blueprint for other factories
  • a digital energy management blueprint for industry, homes and cities
  • a base where customers, partners and ABB R&D collaborate, test products, share ideas, and develop new ways to innovate.