ABB re-opened the retrofitted and company’s first carbon neutral Lüdenscheid plant after a two-year design and construction phase. Today, the Lüdenscheid factory generates around 14% more energy on-site than it needs. Surplus power is fed through the public grid, contributing sustainably produced energy to the second location’s power supply. The flagship plant is a trailblazer in integrating new technologies into one intelligent system. The plant generated 1,190 MWh of climate-neutral solar power in the first year and now saves up to 680 tons of CO₂ a year, serving as proof that it is possible to reduce carbon emissions all the way to zero and creating a demonstrable blueprint for customers and wider industry.

It marks the beginning of a major shift for buildings; one which will transform homes, industries, and cities into safe, smart, and sustainable ecosystems.

It also highlights the importance of collaboration – enabling processes, competencies, and innovation to connect – where skills and knowledge are shared, for positive societal change.