The Challenge

Swedish company Ljusgårda had a vision of delivering locally grown vegetables in a sustainable, eco-friendly, and cost-effective way, all year round. Having renovated an old factory to grow lettuce vertically in tubes illuminated by LED lights, the entrepreneurs were keen to expand and fully automate their indoor cultivation operation. Vertical farming is sustainable and cost-effective in many ways – food is grown locally, transport is reduced, waste is minimal, water is reused, and no pesticides are needed – it also requires efficient energy distribution for the optimum levels of lighting, moisture, and temperature. Switchgear, used to ensure the protection and management of these electrical systems, is a vital component of the power system.

The use of SF₆ would have jeopardized Ljusgårda’s commitment to sustainable, environmentally friendly food production.

The Objectives For Ljusgårda, it was important to find a solution that:

  • provided a space saving, safe and reliable electrification infrastructure
  • supported the company’s desire to reduce environmental impact
  • supported its rapid expansion and production targets