The Challenge

ABB’s Dalmine (Italy) site is a 1970’s built, 45,000 m2 Medium Voltage (MV) circuit breaker and switchgear manufacturing facility that wanted to improve its sustainability across operations. This included reducing CO₂ emissions to become carbon neutral, conserving resources and providing increased visibility and measurable insights within energy management. To do this, Dalmine needed to decarbonize factory operations by integrating renewable energy, electrification and energy efficiency technologies.

The Objectives The ultimate objective for Dalmine, was to achieve Mission to Zero* status – a global ABB program to drive carbon neutrality and energy efficiency across the company’s operations - and turn sustainability ambitions into action. This in turn supports the objective to deliver a cleaner, greener supply chain for its customers, and act as a digital energy management blueprint and base where customers, partners and ABB R&D collaborate, test products, share ideas, and develop new ways to innovate.